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Delicious Summer Skin

Summer is a long awaited season for most of us, but this is also the season which can bring the most damage and for skin and cause “photo-aging” later in result. The damage is caused by several “burdens” for skin in summer - strong heat, dryness, dust, excessive sweat clogging the pores, air conditioners. So to protect and care for skin in summer, the seasonal regimen needs to be focused on 3 main actions: Gentle Cleansing, Hydration and Protection.


Cleansing skin should be very very thorough in summer, as the grease and oils combined with dust can form an invisible, yet thick layer on skin. In summer we absolutely have to avoid harsh scrubbing, peeling or whitening procedures. These would overexpose and make skin and pores vulnerable to heat, sweat, dust and might cause a major skin breakouts and acne.Gentle, cleansing scrubs (the best is natural solution such as crushed almond or apricot kernel seeds, crushed flax seeds, crushed walnuts with some nourishing oils) once a week is fine. Also herbal or green tea steam for face is very beneficial.

Happy Endings for Women!

Okay ladies as most of you know Shanghai is or can be the land of “Happy Endings” for men who choose to go out looking for this…  “Ni Hao, zhe ge anmo shang dian shi xiao jie de shang dian ma?”  A few simple words the single men of this city need to ask and off they go to a “happy” place, but what about the women?  Being the type of person who lives to please the members of the Shanghai Dolls I have done some research and found somewhere that offers this service!  Yes Shanghai has a happy ending massage for women too!

So the story goes (or so I have heard, cough, cough)…  There is a guy in Shanghai who is now offering this service to the women in the city who are looking for a bit more than their trusty rabbit has been offering.  You will get a two-hour massage and then at the end he will ask you to turn over and he works his magic fingers until you are screaming away with pleasure.

The whole process is very professional and not embarrassing as you may think.  After the massage when you may be feeling a little vulnerable, because you start to realize that you just let a stranger take you places you never imagined he will let you know that he is going off to get some towels to clean off the oil from the massage and give you five minutes to recompose yourself.  After he comes back he gives you a nice facial massage, wipes off the oil and finishes the session by even walking you to the cab!

Skin City 5.5: Modern Skin Care

I found a facial place that is really good and definitely worth a visit! They do extraction (not many places in Shanghai do that) and they also can do things like Microdermabrasion. They have treatments for both men and women. This is a new spa and is a totally different concept to your normal Spa’s - the design is very modern and it has different functions like being able to listen to your own music while receiving a treatment, etc. They have very good deals on at the moment, because of being new. Their memberships also have another great benefit, which I haven’t found at any other places in Shanghai and that is that you can go in with one or two friends instead of having to pay for the whole thing yourself!

With a membership Connie said facials will range from 140 – 400rmb and massages start from 75rmb! Definitely not a bad deal for a western style Spa in Shanghai.

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